ModuleDescriptionPrice from
Common Modules for both Hauliers and Freight Forwarders:
Rights System ModuleThis module allows to define users` roles, restrict access to particular tables/ fields/ reports of the programme, set limitations to data entry, alteration and deletion.900€
Credit Limit ModuleWith this module you can set a warning and/ or a prohibition to accept an order if the defined customer credit limit is exceeded.450€
Debt Reminder by Email ModuleWith this module you can automatically generate and send reminders for overdue invoices. Various levels of severity are available. Templates can be created in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages. 750€
One Invoice for Many Orders ModuleThis module allows to generate invoices for many orders at once.450€
Enquiry ModuleThis module allows to register enquiries and track how they were handled, how many were turned into orders, etc.450€
Order Details by Email ModuleThis module allows to email order details to your client directly from the order card.550€
Corporate Group ModuleThis module allows to create more than one of your companies, assign orders to these companies, create contracts and invoices with different logos and company details.1900€
Corporate Group with Interoperability ModuleThis module offers additional functions for the corporate group module: you can issue invoices and conclude contracts between your own companies, additional search filters are available. If there is an accounting module, applications for the accounting system are available.2350€
Sales Invoices` Export to Accounting Program ModuleThis module allows to export sales invoices generated in the InfoTrans system to the company`s accounting program.Email us at
Purchase Invoices` Export to Accounting Program ModuleThis module allows to export purchase invoices` data, that has been entered into Infotrans system, to the company`s accounting program.Email us at
Sales Invoices Payments` Import moduleThis module allows to import paid sales invoices` data from your company`s accounting program to Infotrans system. Email us at
Purchase Invoices Payments` Import ModuleThis module allows to import paid purchase invoices` data from your company`s accounting program to Infotrans system. Email us at
Advice for all modules1 hour/50 euros. (minimum invoice amount 80 euros). You can get advice for any module.Email us at
Invoicing AutomationThis module allowas you to automatically generate invoices as soon as all terms related to the order are met. Email us at
Daily Allowance/ Expenses Export to Accounting ProgramEmail us at
Mass Invoice PDF Generation and Sending to ClientsEmail us at
Logistic Chains TemplateAllows to quickly insert sequences of frequently used loading, unloading places to your logistic chains. This module saves time, brings more accuracy and allows to exclude ferry KMs from the total KM count. Email us at
Entry of VIN codes in the route and next to the cargoEnter VIN codes in the route and next to the cargo.Email us at
Order Detail by SMS Allows to automatically generate order details and send it via online SMS platform integration as an SMS directly to the driver. Email us at
Sending multiple filesAllows you to add multiple files to one basket and send them at the same time.850€
CMR Insurance Verification ModuleWith this module you can automatically control whether the carrier has a valid CMR insurance.250€
Purchase Invoices` Payments Template for the Bank ModuleThis module allows to generate purchase invoices` payment template for the bank. 1200€
Client / Haulier Zone:
Haulier Zone - receive information from hauliers via email linksHauliers can fill in and share information about the trip and its details (truck, driver, invoices, CMR, etc.) via email links. You can also view the location of the driver, communicate via chat, forward and receive documents.Email us at
Competition area for hauliersWith this module you can create competitive offers for hauliers for specific orders. Hauliers can enter a price and shippers can see all the information about the prices offered in the report and orders.Email us at
Connect: automatic order data acquisition from other Infotrans clientsDirect order data acquisition from other companies using InfoTrans. There is a possibility to communicate via chat next to a specific order, send and receive documents, invoices and CMR.Email us at
KPI Module for hauler zone.KPI tracking inside hauler/client zone. Haulers can insert info and you can share it to clients.Email us at
Connect vežėjų zona - galimybė vežėjams pildyti infoVežėjai vežėjų zonoje gali jums pildyti ir pateikti informaciją.Email us at
Common Modules that are used less frequently:
Invoice Mailing Management ModuleThis module allows better manage your outgoing mail: generates mailing lists, cover letters, barcodes on invoices. 450€
Order from Template ModuleThis module allows you to create orders using predesinged order templates.450€
Vehicle Transporter ModuleThis module allows you to keep records of cargoes, VIN, bonuses, manage invoices, income, etc. 1200€
Claims Module450€
Mini CRM ModuleThis module allows you to record and control tasks, to review activity history. 450€
Client Contracts with Limitations Module450€
Invoice RobotizationThis module allows you to insert a line of text or other data into the printed invoice. Those can then be read by robots. The text and the data are highly customizable and can be applied to specific customers only. You can choose where you want the data to appear.450€
Modules for Groupage Freight:
Combined Cargo Module (Basic Package)This module allows to manage many orders in one trip: data entry, manifests, loading / unloading sheets, etc.900€
Combined Cargo Module (Planner)This module offers special planners, organisers and reports for combined cargoes.1900€
Combined Cargo Module (Terminal Information)This module allows you to compare cargo parameters provided by the terminal and the manager.900€
Trip Sheets:
Trip Sheet Module (Basic Package)This module covers initial trip sheet configuration and training.1850€
Cheque Import ModuleThis module allows you to import receipt reports and provide a detailed analysis of travel expenses.950€
Additional Fixed Cost Rates ModuleThis module allows to consider fixed expenses like leasing, repair, ect.450€
Time Sheet According to DDD Files ModuleThis module allows to form time sheets according to working hours data from DDD files.900€
Smart Dispo ModuleThis module allows you to plan routes on a map and to carry out real-time tracking of the fleet. Email us at
Kvitų importas tiesiogiai per API CRT750€
Own trip module for driver daily wage calculationAllows to manage daily wage calculation aside from trip sheets, i.e. makes it possible to issue one wage calculation order for multiple trip sheets, etc.850€
Kvitų importas tiesiogiai per API AS24Nauja API integracija leidžia kasdien sutaupyti apie 30 min. darbo laiko - nebereikia jungtis prie tiekėjo interneto puslapio ir patiems formuoti bei atsisiųsti failų. Dabar darbas vyksta tik InfoTrans programos aplinkoje - duomenys susikelia kelių mygtukų paspaudimu.750€
Pallet Management Module900€
Orders and Daily Allowances for Your Own CompaniesEmail us at
Chat moduleModule for communication with customers, carriers and employees.Email us at
Vairuotojų atostogų kas 28 d. įspėjimai450€