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Bendri moduliai ir vežėjams ir ekspeditoriams:
Rights System ModuleThis module allows to define users` roles, differentiate access to particular tables/fields /reports of the programe, set limitations to data entry, alteration and deletion. 450€
Credit Limit ModuleWarning and / or prohibition to accept an order when customers reach their credit limit 450€
Debt Reminder by Email ModuleAutomatically created reminders for late payments. Different levels of strictness. Templates in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages. 450€
One Invoice for Many Orders ModuleThis module allows to generate invoices for many orders at once.450€
Enquiry ModuleThis module allows to register enquiries and track how they were handled, how many were turned into orders, etc.450€
Order Details by Email ModuleThis module allows to email order details to the client directly from the order card.450€
Corporate Group ModuleThis module allows to create more than one own company, allocate orders to different firms, create contracts and invoices with different logos and company details.450€
Corporate Group Module with Mutual Functionality1900€
Sales Invoices` Export to Accounting Program ModuleThis module allows to export sales invoices generated in the Infotrans system to the company`s accounting us at
Purchase Invoices` Export to Accounting Program ModuleThis module allows to export purchase invoices` data, that has been entered into Infotrans system, to the company`s accounting us at
Sales Invoices Payments` Import moduleThis module allows to import paid sales invoices` data from your company`s accounting program to Infotrans system. email us at
Purchase Invoices Payments` Import ModuleThis module allows to import paid purchase invoices` data from your company`s accounting program to Infotrans system. email us at
Emails Linking to Orders ModuleThis module allows to assign emails to a specific order, customer or us at
CMR Insurance Verification ModuleThis module allows authomatically control if haulier has a valid CMR insurance.250€
Purchase Invoices` Payments Template for the Bank ModuleThis module allows to generate purchase invoices` payment template for the bank. 1200€
Kliento vežėjo zona:
Haulier Zone (Link)email us at
Client zone (basic package)Customers` access to their account [one-time fee] 900€
Haulier Zone (Home)email us at
Client Zone (Order Package)900€
Konkursų vežejams zonaŠis modulis leidžia kurti konkursus vežėjams konkrečiams užsakymams. Vežėjai gali įvedinėti kainą, o siuntėjai mato visą informaciją apie pasiūlytas kainas ataskaitoje ir už us at
Automatizuotas užsakymų gavimas iš kitų InfoTrans klientųTiesioginis užsakymų gavimas iš kitų klientų, kurie turi InfoTrans. Galimybė konkrečiame užsakyme: tiesiogiai bendrauti per Chat, persiųsti ir gauti dokumentus, persiųsti klientui Jūsų sąskaitas, us at
KPI su krovinių datomis ir Daily infopildo vežėjai -> pakoreguojam -> mato klientaiemail us at
Bendri moduliai naudojami rečiau:
Invoice Mailing Management ModuleThis module allows better manage your outgoing mail: generates mailing lists, cover letters, barcodes on invoices. 450€
Order from Template ModuleCreate your orders fater using predesinged order templates.450€
Autotransporters ModuleThis module allows to keep records of cargoes, VIN, bonuses, manage invoices and income. 900€
Cargo Damage Module450€
Mini CRM ModuleThis module allows to record and control tasks, to review activity history. 450€
Client Contracts with Limitations Module450€
Sąskaitos robotizacijaŠis modulis leidžia į spausdinamą sąskaitos vaizdą integruoti teksto ir duomenų eilutę. Galima panaudojimo paskirtis - robotui skaityti. Tekstą ir duomenis eilutėje klientas gali susidėlioti pats laisvu stiliumi ir tik pasirinktiems užsakovams. Galima pasirinkti duomenų eilutės atvaizdavimo vietą sąskaitoje. 450€
Rinktinių moduliai:
Combined Cargo Module (Basic Package)This module allows to manage many orders in one trip: data entry, manifests, loading / unloading sheets, etc.900€
Combined Cargo Module (Planner)This module offers special planners, organisers and reports for combined cargoes.1500€
Combined Cargo Module (Terminal Information)This module allows to compare cargo parameters put in by the manager and those provided by the terminal.900€
Kelionės lapai:
Trip Sheet Module (Basic Package)This module covers initial configuration and training1500€
Cheque Import ModuleThis module allows to import transaction cheques of road tolls and fuel and provides extensive trips` expenses analysis.900€
Additional Fixed Cost Rates ModuleThis m odule allows to account for fixed expenses like leasing, repair, ect.450€
Time Card According to DDD Files ModuleThis module allows to form time cards according to working hours data from DDD files.900€
Smart Dispo Moduleemail us at
Pallets Acounting Module900€
Sąskaitų išrašymo robotizacijaemail us at